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A basic corporate game runs like this:

Teams receive a live mission brief by Agent 75 at your hotel, office or conference.

The event starts with a short introduction brief by Agent 75 at your office, hotel or conference. Agent 75 sets the scene and explains how to gain access to your mission and how to make contact with other agents. We can also add individual client information, cut off times and the programme for the day.


Teams are handed a Mission Access Code and Spy Case


Next we issue each team with a unique Mission Access Code or MAC and a team bag or briefcase. The briefcase contains everything you need to complete the mission and includes a disguise for exchanges with other agents.

Log in and Activate your Mission

You then log in at www.spy-inc.com (using your pc, tablet or mobile) with your top-secret MAC code and the mission dossier is presented to you - but beware, the moment you log in the mission clock is ticking!

Head out and crack the mission in a nearby City, Town or Hotel complex

Next you head out on a spy adventure to rendezvous with spies, crack codes and make secret exchanges, as you try to work out what to do next. Each team is pitted against another, so you will have to work as a team, communicate a plan and delegate effectively, if you are to win.



Bespoke games can be created to match almost any corporate, commercial or private event.

Spy-Inc has been utilised for:

Corporate Games - team development

Public Games

School and Associations Games

Recruitment selection process

Marketing Events

Film Premiers - Spy, Espionage and Enigma Theme

Radio and TV Promotions

Charity Events

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